Greater Details for the Proper Escape from the Alcohol Addiction

Sometimes it is enough to know it. The chain damage of alcohol is well known by scientific research and by all the doctors who deal with this type of illness related to drink abuse, but never a study so complete and with such a large sample had led to the almost mathematical demonstration of ‘equation more alcoholic, less life.

Negative effects alcohol

One journal published the results of a capillary survey carried out on 83 scientific studies in 19 countries around the world, with the processing of over 600 thousand data. It is an encyclopedia on the effects of alcohol abuse. And from here the equations came out. For example: you live four years less every 11 glasses of wine, beer and spirits, consumed beyond the limits set each week. Life is shorter than thirty minutes for each glass over the limit. And what would the limits be? On this there is no unanimous agreement in the scientific community, but a maximum threshold is considered that of the two glasses. For the this is important now.

Then there are the side effects. Even, in this case, serious diseases that if they do not shorten life, certainly makes it worse.Stroke is an cardiovascular disease, heart failure.Breast cancer for women; cancer prostate for men. In short: there is no good wine or good drink, there are allowed and tolerated doses and abuses that lead to wasting health and, in some cases, life.

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Damage alcohol

These are numbers that come at a time when in Italy we are dealing with a paradox of the new generations of teenagers. They smoke less than the previous ones, probably because they absorbed all the literature on cigarette damage, but they drink more. These are different drinks, abusing super alcohol, and confusing the wine with mineral water.

And they start drinking even a lot sooner than before. According to the statistics, in fact, in Italy a fifteen year old in five has already drunk of everything, alcoholic and super alcohol, and has crossed sharply the border between what can be tolerated and how much is absolutely dangerous. Perhaps, unlike smoking, these guys still do not know what they are at risk. And certainly explaining and disseminating data such as those published by Lancet can help them get out of the quagmire of ignorance.

Consumers at risk of alcohol

Among wine, beer, various aperitifs and spirits, consumers at risk in Italy have become 8.6 million, of which 800 thousand minors and 2.7 million over 65. These data come from the Health Ministry’s Report on the problems linked to the spread of alcoholism in Italy, and confirm a worrying picture of the phenomenon. The overwhelming majority (6 million people) of those at risk are men, while the large alcohol binge (binge drinking) concerns 17 percent of young people aged 18 to 24 years. They too are constantly increasing.